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Folded Fortune


As a continuation of our collaboration with Wonne Scrayen's prActiZe—a multifaceted platform for fashion from A to Z—we gathered once again, this time to put another publication of her into practice. We met at the STOF shop on a Sunday afternoon, together with Ulana and Wonne so that we could experiment with this newly developed fortune teller. 


Folded Fortune explained by Wonne:

Folded Fortune essentially entails a fortune teller inspired by those I vividly remember from my childhood, however, this one intended to offer people a different and more conscious perspective on their wardrobes. Hopefully for them to revalue its content, instigated by linguistic prompts geared more towards inward feeling rather than outward appearance. Hence the first layer of the fortune teller spelling out four different emotional states to choose from, then to further unfold according to the instructions:

right now, thinking of your wardrobe, what feeling aligns with you most? (nostalgic, neutral, bold, bored)
spell it out, activating the fortune teller one letter at a time
on a scale from 1 to 4, how strong is this feeling?
open the corner matching your answer

repeat as many times as desired
be bewildered by the potential of your own wardrobe
whether for one garment or the full immersive experience
a small nudge for you to mend your relationship with your clothes


9 letters, so 9 moves
strong feeling, so a 4
which unfolded to...

‘an item that holds a special memory or meaning’

Chosen garment: black top by MM6

After rummaging around and browsing the clothing racks for a while, she pulls out what seems a simple black top. The neckline and material qualities, however, are instantly reminiscent of Ulana's dancing days. When sounding out what type of dance she used to practice, she elaborates on the tradition of Kalmyk dances, Kalmykia being a particular Russian republic. As her story was very telling, the dancing element organically became the lead for what was to follow of the outfit, both in terms of shapes as well as shades. All then finished off with some added sparkles as a nod to the performative nature of dance.


7 letters, so 7 moves
gentle feeling, so a 2
which unfolded to...

‘a texture that embodies comfort to you’

Chosen garment: beige blouse by Tim Van Steenbergen

It doesn’t take her all that long to figure this one out, as she quite decisively singles out this one blouse. On the hanger it might not seem all that much, however, the opposite is true once she puts it on, as the blouse only then fully comes to life. To her, comfort is not so much a matter of practicality as might well be the case for others. Rather, she envisions the sensation a certain garment will cause upon touching her skin and body at large. With her fingers lingering over the abundance of material, she instantly senses the lightweight fabric of this particular blouse settling down on her skin as if a soft haze. To complete the look, the rather delicate nature of the blouse is offset by a—perhaps by some considered rogue—pair of jeans.


4 letters, so 4 moves
slight feeling, so a 1
which unfolded to...

‘the colour you were least likely to choose’

chosen garment: coral shoulder accessory by Ann Demeulemeester

After contemplating a powder pink pair of shorts, in the end Ulana settles on this bright coral bolero piece, also described as a shoulder accessory. When asked about the reasoning behind her choice—targeting this specific colour—she mentions how her mom would never wear this shade, saying it is too old or granny-like of a colour. Very intriguing, as it shows how one’s language can rub off on those around them, often without realising it
themselves. So, hinted in her answer to the prompt ‘which colour are you least likely to choose’, to a certain degree her mom’s voice is also present. To make the colour stand out even more, the coral is paired with a dress in a popping shade of blue. A bold match to say the least yet one that somehow exceeded any expectations.


5 letters, so 5 moves
mild feeling, so a 3
which unfolded to...

‘a garment you’ve considered getting rid of’

chosen garment: white and red dress by Annemie Verbeke

Perhaps the most challenging prompt to decide on. Nonetheless, she manages to elect a white and red patterned dress made out of a supple fabric. The main reason for her sense of doubt towards this garment, is its shape, which didn’t immediately take her fancy in the same way other garments did. However, having put it on, she discovers some pull strings at the side which allow for the dress to be adjusted according to one’s liking.

The somewhat revealing neckline—another unexpected asset—is then complemented by a sequin-detailed blazer in a similar colour palette and some brown lace-up boots, adding a bit of an edge.


Ulana is wearing a black top by MM6, Ann Demeulemeester leggins, knit spats and bag by Aurembiaix and party heels by Margiela


Ulana is wearing a Tim Van Steenbergen shirt, Yunya Watanebe trousers and Mihara Yasuhiro

Ulana is wearing an Ann Demeulemeester shoulder accessory, Dirk Van Saene dress and A.F. Vandevorst heels

Ulana is wearing an Annemie Verbeke dress, A.F. Vandevorst blazer and Dries Van Noten boots

Thank you Wonne & Ulana for this beautiful day together!

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