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Ann Huybens, Patrick T'Hooft : "Coeurs Crus" book



A project by Belgian fashion designer Ann Huybens and landscape architect Patrick T'Hooft ('The Flemish Primitives'). Photographs by Pierre Gayte Coeur Crus, reporting on a visit by the French photographer Pierre Gayte to the private surroundings of fashion designer Ann Huybens and her husband, the landscape designer Patrick T'Hooft , put in sequence a number of surreal images that fully evocate the 'Flemish Primitives' styles and approach. Fashion in landscape: Ann Huybens' robes made of raw ham, 'filet d'anvers', bra's held together by fishbones, Patrick t'Hooft's grand trees, old, upright, slanting, hollowed, their torches branches bundled together in sculptures in the making... a thoroughly strange universe.

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