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So it goes, so it goes - Miho Kajioka



Miho Kajioka was delighted and very surprised that her book ‘so it goes’ won the ‘Prix Nadar’ in
2019. This book was published by the (M)éditions & IBASHO in a limited edition of 500 and is
now sold out.
Kajioka regretted that not more people could see or own her ‘so it goes’ book. She has therefore
requested us to publish a new unlimited edition. Together we decided that the new book should
be different and financially attractive for a larger group of photo book lovers.
‘so it goes, so it goes’ has been simplified and updated with new images. The book is smaller
with a new cover with Kajioka’s own lips.
In this book, Kajioka presents a work relating to the concepts of time, memory and place. As in
her previous works, ‘so it goes, so it goes’ reveals intuitive images of fragments of daily life at
different times. It was while reading Kurt Vonnegut's novel, ‘Slaughterhouse-five’, that Kajioka
became really interested in this subject. Kajioka has long been fascinated by the chronology
and meaning of events. According to her, photography captures moments and freezes them;
posting impressions is like playing with the sense of time and getting lost in its timeline.

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