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STOF x Leen

We’d like to present to you Leen Schodts. We met Leen through another lovely women, Mira Sohlén, with whom we got together as well for a shoot on her tapestry with Stof (you can still have a look at this story on our website). 


Mira was so kind to let us know about her friend Leen, saying that we should get in touch with her since she loves (Belgian) fashion and knows her whereabouts in the industry. So said, so done. We met up with Leen and went visiting her at her place in Brussels so that she could tell us a bit more about herself and what it is that drives her. 


Leen started by explaining to us that she sees fashion as a part of culture - which we can agree on as well. She comes from Leuven where she had to wear a uniform to go to school. This is probably where her appetite for more came from in the first place. Understandable when there’s little room for experimentation or playfulness. 

She walked us through her first aha fashion moment, which was when she saw some pieces from Kenzo on tv. After that she decided to jump on the train straight to Paris, to get her hands on her favorite piece. 


Throughout her life she managed to stay in touch with her love for fashion and creativity. This by making clothes herself, by working for a second hand clothing store, by being a personal shopper and more. Always keen to learn, she did courses on styling and on how to negotiate. Nowadays she is the Benelux Editor for WeAr magazine, which covers emerging designers, stores & retail news from all over the world. On top of that Leen also offers Fashion Tours in Brussels, just reach out to her via her Instagram below if you'd be interested. 


By putting Leen in the spotlight we want to applaud everybody who finds a way in fashion to express themselves, in whatever way they like. Leen her style is unapologetic, bold and colorful. We hope you feel as inspired as we do, give it a scroll below! 

Thank you for having us Leen!


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