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w wh at*

w wh at* collective is a shared artistic practice of artists and volunteers, based in Antwerp in the historically iconic art house Ercola in Wolstraat 31, 2000 Antwerp. 


The w wh at* collections are theme-based and various objects like trousers, comics, artworks etc. were chosen for their creative qualities such as being different, well-made and/ or durable or for their performative capabilities. These objects serve as mediators for reflection, the creation of actions and to create inspiring rooms of wonder.


The collective explores and depicts the human condition through actions and invites the audience to participate and visualise that human action. The images of the actions form scenes for the Open opera* (abbreviated Oo   *). This collaborative search for the representation of our human condition reveals other possibilities of process and product that result in various co-creations and souvenirs of the actions. Their Open opera (Oo   *) cabinets are a meeting space for co-creation and the presentation of the Oo   * scenes.


In the story of the Open opera *, the attitude of Belgian artist Vaast Colson is one of the guiding motifs. This translates into the for-for-vaast fan club, abbreviated vfvf, and the vfvf search for a performative figure: Widu Gasti from Colson's oeuvre. This character is believed to be a key to the occurrence and appearance of the arts.


We had the pleasure to be guests at the w wh at*s Oo   * Cabinets with our pop-ups in Antwerp and to participate in several actions.

In this blog we'd like to share our continuing journey into the unknown with w ha t*.

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