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We chose some favorites from our Kamasutra series, resulting in 5 different posters. They have been made by hand and were scanned afterwards, which naturally gives them some imperfections. You can buy them on our website or send us a message for a pick-up at our studio in Antwerp. Each poster is 15 euros and shipping will be added according to your location.


Important note: we are donating 20% of the proceeds to Payoke. Payoke was founded in 1987 in Antwerp as one of the first anti-trafficking organizations in Europe and has continued to provide support, protection and shelter for victims of human trafficking ever since.  


The donation will be spent entirely and directly on the people that Payoke is working with. More specifically: they will be able to follow a workshop on finding clothes that make them feel good about themselves and on how to regain their self-esteem. We believe that Payoke’s work is extremely important and like this we hope to be able to bring a little light into the lives of those who need it the most ❤️ 


Creative direction & styling by Angela Vanderstraeten (@angelavanderstraeten)
Photography by Anne Decot (@decotanne
Hair by Justyna Jozefowicz (@justyna.haircuts)
All pieces via STOF

'Kamasutra' poster N°3

15,00 €Price
  • Measurements: 


    42cm x 59,4cm

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